Why Hemp Plus?

At the heart of Botanical Veterinary Products are long time friends Nicole Becerra (a great baker) and Eileen Gillen, DVM (a great Veterinarian) who started Botanical Veterinary Products for the love of their own dogs. What was an idea in the kitchen became a family of  premium hemp-based pet products: HempPlus.

With Eileen’s veterinary expertise and years of testing and fine-tuning each recipe we are proud to help your pet live their best life! Our Hemp Plus treats and tinctures provide physical and emotional relief from common ailments suffered by our companion animals. Hemp Plus ingredients are carefully sourced, human grade, all natural and nontoxic. We are committed to researching and developing safe, natural products that you can trust and feel good about.

We are confident that you and your pet will experience the positive benefits we have worked to achieve.

We would love to get your feedback.

Enjoy with ,

Hemp Plus products can be sold legally anywhere in the USA.